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We have a highly focused portfolio of print, document management and security solutions which will transform your office into a digital workplace. Our solutions provide the linkages between your workforce, workflow, workspace, and workplace thereby ensuring optimum efficiency, full mobility, and ensuring the highest levels of data security.

The key to growth lies in the ability to enhance your current infrastructure with the ability to gather, analyze and protect data for maximum business value. As such, our business and enterprise solutions will assist your organization to embrace the benefits of digital transformation.

device as a service

Device as a Service

Whether it’s deploying new technology, securing and managing devices with different operating systems, or keeping software up to date, IT managers have more work than they can do. Often, as resources become strained, the amount of downtime for end users grows longer. 

The Proactive Management capabilities of HP Device as a Service provide predictive analytics and device insights. Analytics help you boost productivity and optimize uptime for devices...

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document management solution

Document Management Solutions

Document Management solutions is the handling of information and documents with optimised processes.

As a document management tool, the right content is delivered to the right person through an optimized decision-making process. This process is performed through a combination of comprehensive content management functionality and business process management tools.

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print management solutions

Print Management Solutions

Managed Print Services (MPS) encompass a number of different aspects all working together to monitor, manage and streamline a business’s document environment.

Our Managed Print Service is an approach which analyses all of an organisations processes and workflows for handling documents. With MPS you can outsource printing functions, while still retaining control over quality, performance and cost.

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file and document security

Security Solutions

Secure and protect all privileged account credentials and access, monitor and record all privileged activity, analyze and detect high-risk behavior.

Balance security and compliance requirements with operational and end-user needs with a ‘security up front’ approach.

Meet both internal policies and regulatory compliance with full, detailed reporting and a searchable audit trail.

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digital transformation assessment

FREE Assessment

Everything you need to know to protect your organization from the tempest of confusion.
Outlines how your office can prepare an action plan for minor and major disruption to operation.

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ROI calculator for print & content management software

ROI Calculator

When you are building a business case to invest in purchasing or expanding an ECM system, determining your organization’s return on investment (ROI) is essential to securing funding.

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buyers guide for print & document management

Buyers Guide

Reviewing available document management solutions isn’t about finding the one with the best features and offerings; it’s about finding the solution that is the most applicable to your organization’s current and future needs.

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What Our Clients Say

MP- Infrastructure

Infrastructure Development and Communication Company

WASP Ltd has been my supplier for 1.5 years now and we get the best services. General co-operation and flexibility is also appealing. Goods and services always delivered on time and they have developed a great relationship with us.

Nestle CWA

Manufacturing Company

Been working with WASP Ltd for the past 2 years and we are content with their performance and services provided. Flexibility and general co-operation is appealing as goods and services are always delivered on specification and on time. Working relationship with WASP is the best.

Nyansa Africa

Professional Service

We have been working with WASP for 5 years and they have provided nothing but the best service. Cost management and effectiveness as well as goods and services are satisfactory. Goods and services are always delivered on specification and on time and most importantly we have a good working relationship with them.

Perseus Mining

Mining Company

We have been doing business with WASP Ltd for 4 years now, we are really receiving excellent services from them. Experience on flexibility and general co-operation is outstanding. WASP Ltd has established a great relationship with us and we enjoy working with them.

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