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Retail Renovation: Before and After HP DaaS Implementation - blog post image

Retail Renovation: Before and After HP DaaS Implementation

Retail Renovation:Before and AfterHP DaaS Implementation

In retail, when your POS system goes down, you immediately start losing money—especially if it’s the only machine in that location. How can you achieve higher levels of uptime? Turn to a solution like HP Device as a Service (DaaS).

HP DaaS is a smart, simplified computing solution that can provide everything you need—from hardware and accessories to lifecycle services and support—all bundled under a single contract with a fixed price per device per month. DaaS provides major advantages across a variety of verticals, retail included. Look below to see how a typical retail location might function before a DaaS implementation, and reflect on how DaaS could reinvent that same retail IT environment.

1. Quick and Easy Deployment

When a device goes down, you need to be able to get a new one in place ASAP. HP stores the image needed for all hardware across your company, making it easy to swap out old systems for new systems—no need to worry about adjusting to or re configuring operating systems or drivers.

2. Maximum Uptime

Many retail companies have satellite locations in remote areas. This can make it difficult to get fast IT support on location when you need it. HP has deployed over 60,000 installation locations and provides services in all 50 states, making it easier to get IT attention on site for repairs and replacements.


3. Better Device Lifecycle Management

DaaS allows businesses to identify when devices are ready to be updated or replaced with new versions every 3, 4 or 5 years, so you can say goodbye to the "wait until it breaks" mentality. Better, more up-to-date devices will help your employees avoid downtime and keep your business up and running.



4. Predictable Monthly Costs

DaaS enables companies to maintain a consistent monthly fee for device refreshes, so you can segment your spending across a single contract instead of paying for an expensive one-time cost to "rip and replace" current systems with a complete overhaul when you need to upgrade. This can help IT decision makers better predict their budget needs without sacrificing the quality of technology services



5. Analytics and Proactive Management 

 With HP DaaS, you can avoid addressing IT issues after the fact – analytics and proactive management services allow IT to identify potential issues before they happen, allowing them to address the issue, like overloaded memory, lagging computer processors, transaction failures, or network connectivity problems proactively and maintain overall uptime.

With a solution like HP DaaS, you can offload device management and leverage unique capabilities, such as HP Analytics and Proactive Management. HP DaaS will keep your organization up and running at all times, leaving your IT team free to focus on more strategic IT initiatives that will benefit the business's bottom line.


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