Digital Transformation

Where are you on the digital journey?

The Laserfiche Digital Transformation Model is the perfect roadmap to help your organization develop into an efficient, digital workplace. From digitizing documents to transforming processes using predictive analytics, it provides a progressive framework for helping your organization embrace the benefits of workplace technology. 

Using technology to increase efficiency is a seminal step in transforming your organization into a digital workplace. But for most, it can be difficult to know where—or even how— to start.

Laserfiche has developed a Digital Transformation Model to provide you with a strategic roadmap to the solutions you are seeking.

This framework identifies the five phases every organization should progress through on the way to becoming a digital workplace:


Digital Transformation Model

This model is a roadmap fro transforming your office into a digital workplace. It provides a structure framework fro content digitization, process automation, analytics and more.

Laserfiche Digital Transformation Model Digitize Documents

Digitize Documents

Create an electronic filing cabinet by converting you documents from paper to digital.


  • Excessive storage and retrieval costs
  • Risk of losing important documents
  • No control over who can access what documents
  • A paper-heavy office


  • Reduce document storage expenses
  • Secure critical documents with disaster recovery
  • Easily manage access to sensitive content
  • A paperless office
Laserfiche Digital Transformation Model Organize Content

Organize Content

Easily categorize your documents and manage them in a secure, central location.


  • Paper-based data entry
  • No central access to documents
  • Difficulty finding documents
  • Redundant work activity


  • Minimal data entry and reduced human error
  • Centralize, secure document access
  • Enable document collaboration
  • Fewer duplicate work tasks
Laserfiche Digital Transformation Model Automate Processes

Automate Processes

Improve accountability by digitizing your business processes with easy-to-use electronic forms.


  • Time-consuming. manual processes
  • Inconsistent, disorganized business processes
  • Lack of data integration between application
  • Difficulty complying with regulations


  • Increased productivity elimination of manual tasks
  • Standardized, mapped-out processes
  • Easy integration between applications
  • Simplified compliance that addresses regulatory concerns
Laserfiche Digital Transformation Model Streamline Processes

Streamline Processes

Gain more visibility into your operations and increase the efficiency of cross-functional processes.


  • Cumbersome, complex processes
  • Lacking data policy oversight
  • Difficulty determining staffing levels
  • Minimal process visibility


  • Streamlined, simplified business processes
  • Improved compliance, data oversight and data quality
  • Ability to reach optimal staffing levels using prescriptive analytics
  • Increase vision into process health and performance
Laserfiche Digital Transformation Model Transform Processes

Transform Processes

Drive innovation by leveraging predictive analytics and insight to transform processes.


  • Limited analytics for gaining business insight
  • Processes are not aligned with business needs
  • Change management costs


  • Predictive analytics create new ways to improve doing business
  • Processes are built for growth and to support organizational goals
  • An agile business ecosystem

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