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Digital Transformation Model - Phase 2

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Organize Content

Just like paper can pile up and become disorganized, so can digital and electronic files. With digital files, it can be almost easier to ignore disorganization because it’s out of sight, hidden somewhere on your hard drive or in the cloud.

With so much valuable information stored in so many different places, how can we find the information we need to get the job done? How can we secure it? These are the questions we want to answer in Phase 2.

Categorizing Information

Your organization is in Phase 2 of the Digital Transformation Model if you already have a process for digitizing documents and a place to store them. However, you still need help organizing them so they are easy to find.

The following pain points are indicative of Phase 2 of the digital transformation journey:

Phase 2 Pain Points

  • Lack of established rules and classification results in inconsistent filing practices
  • Digital documents are disorganized and scattered across systems, making them difficult to track and secure
  • Inability to find digitized information leads to wasted time, difficult collaboration, and time- intensive, costly compliance procedures

If these issues describe your organization, you are in Phase 2.If you have already solved these problems, you can move to Phase 3: Automate.

Moving Toward Easy and Efficient Classification of Documents:Phase 2 in Action

Once you have completed Phase 2, your organization will realize the following benefits:

Phase 2 Benefits

  • Consistent filing practices
  • Information is readily available, easy to navigate and easier to secure
  • Work and collaboration is streamlined; documents to support compliance are immediately accessible

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