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Digital Transformation Model - Phase 4

Laserfiche Digital Transformation Model Streamline Processes

Streamline Processes

As organizations grow, so can those hours. Key business processes, even when automated, can be time- and resource- intensive, hindering an organization’s ability to scale up. In Phase 4 of the Digital Transformation Model, you may have automated processes, but quite a few of those processes may have been designed by how your organization interacted with paper, leading to some of the same problems and bottlenecks. Processes may be too complex or contain unnecessary steps, and there may be limited visibility across teams.

Phase 4 focuses on streamlining— examining your automated processes and making them run smarter, faster and better.

Cumbersome Processes

What are the signs of Phase 4 of the Digital Transformation journey? Here are some pain points your organization may experience:

Phase 4 Pain Points

  • Standardized and automated processes exist, but they are complex and difficult for employees to understand
  • There is no clear data policy oversight due to incomplete data
  • There is no way to measure success or failures
  • Difficulty integrating those outside your organization (such as customers and vendors) into processes

If these issues describe your situation, you are in Phase 4. If you have solved these problems, you are ready to move to Phase 5: Transform.

Moving Toward Efficiency: Phase 4 in Action

Once you have completed Phase 4, you will see the following benefits:

Phase 4 Benefits

  • Simplified processes are more easily adopted across the organization
  • Complete and consistent data
  • Configurable reporting tools such as dashboards and visualizations make it easy to measure success, increasing accountability and allowing for continued improvement in the future
  • Ability to include users outside of your organization (such as customers and vendors) in your processes

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