Smart Device Services Manager

hp smart device services manager


  • Secure real-time print service management
  • Specialized industry standard protocol for real time communication
  • Industry standard technology
  • Information transmitted
  • Data collected for feature enhancements and service improvement
  • Cloud server location and data protection
  • Additional information used for service management
  • System Protocols and communication ports

HP Smart Device Service Manager delivers a highly efficient and secure remote print service management solution enabling your service provider to have full visibility of the status of your printing assets in near real time without the need to have remote access into your network. The underlying technologies used for communication are industry standard, flexible and extensible, making them the protocols of choice for real-time communications over the Internet.

The HP Smart Device Service Manager solution enables the reliable transport of structured XML data between systems. Numerous mission-critical business applications use the XMPP protocol used by HP Smart Device Service Manager, including, cloud printing, network management and financial trading.

Only the data required for efficient print service delivery is collected and transmitted to the central server. No user data or print job content is collected or transmitted.

All central servers are configured to be within the customer’s region or country eliminating risks associated with data protection legislation both now and in the future. With inherent security features, scalability and support for multi-vendor print services; HP Smart Device Service Manager is more than able to meet the needs of the most demanding environments


HP Smart Device Services

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